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Discussing how Pearson Custom Solutions works with students

2008-2009 Pearson Custom
Student Advocate
Rachel Brickner,
University of Pittsburg

I first heard about the Pearson Student Advisory Board through the English Department at my university. I had always been interested in publishing and education so working with Pearson, one of the biggest education textbook publishers in the world, seemed like a perfect fit for me. Through this experience I would be able to learn more about the publishing world, and I could also shape it by giving top publishing executives a student's opinion on their products. It seemed too good to be true. Luckily, the application process for the PSAB only excited me more about the publishing world and the opportunity to help other students' educations. I couldn't wait to put my skills to use and to help other students by making their education materials better.

It has been a little over five months now since I first began working with Pearson as a Student Advisory Board member, and I have already learned so much. I have had the opportunity to travel to Boston and Denver to work with top executives from Pearson Education and the other nine amazing students who comprise the Marketing and Editorial Committees of the Board. I continually learn from them all and feel like I am making a difference every week when we hold a conference call. The experiences we have had and the projects we work on continually excite me.

So far my most exciting experience has been working with one of Pearson's finest editors in organizing Pearson's first Student Sustainability Summit at Georgia Southern University. The event we planned was amazing and so inspiring for everyone who was there. The students at the Summit got to work with a professional film crew, learn about sustainable jobs and environmental activism, create a PSA about sustainable issues they care about, develop a sustainable action plan for their city, and give back to their community by doing a river clean up. Planning this event was one of the most informative and inspiring experience I have had throughout my college career.

I can already see that my experience as a Pearson Student Advisory Board has helped me to become a better leader and organizer and has prepared me for life after college. Even if I decide not to continue to work in publishing, the experiences I have had as PSAB member have instilled me with skills that I can utilize in any field. Due to this experience, I feel I have become more informed about the publishing world and about the skills that I can now bring to any endeavor.