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Discussing how Pearson Custom Solutions works with students


Pearson Custom works for Students. With educators, we design course-specific materials that facilitate student success. When educators customize their course materials, they take control of the content they use to teach their class, how that content is delivered, and how much their students pay for that content.

Find out how other students tackle academic issues with Pearson's "Get Help Studying" resource. This site includes short videos of college students giving advice on everything from scholarships to writing papers.

Looking for something to do to become active in your community?
Pearson works with the non-profit Jumpstart to bring college students and pre-schoolers together to further the shared goal of literacy-preparedness for all kindergarteners. Find out more about our volunteer and job opportunities.

Don't just use Pearson Custom course materials in class, join us as a member of our Student Advisory Board! Meet our student advocate, Rachel Brickner of the University of Pittsburgh.

How is custom publishing good for me?
Why purchase a number of books when you only use part of them in your course? Market research shows that an instructor who builds a custom book for their course is more likely to create assignments from it, test from it and use every chapter of the book in their course. If the instructor is more connected with their course content, there is a better chance of student success. Now that's valuable. But what about the costs of custom publishing? Custom books can be less expensive than a non-customized text (new or used) but both professors and students tell us that regardless of price, a customized text represents a better value for the student. Custom solutions slice costs as they hone content, providing you with the best educational value for your dollar.

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