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Custom Publishing with Pearson

Custom Publishing with Pearson


Pearson Custom works for educators. We partner with you to build course-specific materials, designed to facilitate student success. As a division of Pearson Education, the global leader in educational publishing, we open the door to a wealth of content and technology and walk you through the process of selecting or creating the custom resources to meet your course goals.

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If you would like us to recommend which custom solutions might work for your situation, please visit our Your Needs & Our Solutions page. You can also Explore Custom Solutions By Discipline.

Why should I custom publish?
When course content is perfectly coordinated with course curricula and assessment, assignments are more easily managed by students and educators. Our adopters find that custom course materials engage students and lead to effective teaching. Market research shows that an instructor who builds a custom book for their course is more likely to create assignments from it, test from it and use every chapter of the book in their course. Taking control of course content by customizing it provides a stronger connection to the material for both students and instructors. Listen to our success story from Rio Salado College.

How can you deliver my custom content?
Educators choose whether they want to deliver their custom course content in print, as media, or online. This provides another level of control over the course materials. The flexibility to deliver course content in a variety of formats helps instructors teach to multiple learning styles. Effective teaching needs content that engages students and Pearson Custom works with you to create it.

Are your customers happy with their results?
Pearson Custom adopters return year after year. Once they get used to the freedom of customizing the best materials educational publishing has to offer, Pearson Custom adopters just can’t go back to buying course materials off the shelf. Custom materials help them teach the way they want to. Our adopters are extremely loyal. In the end, custom publishing delivers both flexibility to educators and affordability to students, making it the best choice in educational publishing.

How do students like custom published materials?
Pearson Custom adopters tell us that their custom materials get great reviews from their students. Custom course materials slice costs as they hone content, providing students with the best educational value for their dollar. When they customize, educators take control of costs by deciding what content and how much of it is included in their course materials. By doing this, they control the costs their students pay for course materials. Customizing also creates a deeper connection with course materials, leading to effective teaching and student success.

If you’d like a guided experience through our custom solutions, go to the Your Needs and Our Solutions page where we will recommend pages for you to explore based specifically upon your needs.

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