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Explaining the benefits of working with Pearson Custom Solutions

Increase Sell-Through with Pearson Custom Solutions:

First Day of Class Initiative

The First Day of Class initiative drives sell-through of Pearson Custom Solution's products by making students aware that they need to purchase their assigned materials in order to succeed in their course. Contact your local Custom Field Editor to organize First Day of Class support for Pearson Custom products or request materials using this form.

First Day of Class support options include:

  • First Day of Class presentations with students, including your bookstore personnel, showing why students need the materials their instructors have selected.
  • In-store training for your staff on adopted technology products included in our packages.
  • Point of sales support such as shelf-talkers and posters.

Apply your competitive advantage by selling Pearson Custom Publishing titles. Custom titles represent a competitive advantage at your store since these titles have a unique ISBN and are not available through online stores. Professors are more invested in a custom product than an "off the shelf" one and are more likely to require it and work from it in their classes. Since students are only paying for what they will use in class, they perceive custom products as valuable.

More help with sell-through

Having trouble with slow-selling Pearson adoptions of 100 copies or more during rush? Report these Pearson Education titles to SellThrough@Pearson.com during rush and we'll help you move those books off your shelves by contacting key faculty and implementing solutions.