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Discussing our strengths

Success Stories

Giving students exceptional value at a reasonable cost – just what everyone is looking for in course materials…

For more than 35 years, Pearson Custom Solutions has been partnering with educators to design customized course materials proven to reduce costs as they hone content, providing students with the best educational value for their dollar. In this way, Pearson Custom Solutions helps educators take control of the cost of their course materials to the student.


Watch the success story of our partnership with Rio Salado College, where together we provide exceptional customized course materials at a reasonable cost to the students.

Our last book pulled from four different books. We could never have asked our students to purchase four books. Only through custom publishing could we offer them this kind of value for their money.

I've worked with every major U.S. publishing company. The team at Pearson is the best team I've ever worked with. They have the most expertise, they're the most responsive, they're the most accommodating, and they’re the most friendly!

Ken Reeves — San Antonio College

The staff at Pearson made us feel like this project was
just as important to them as it was to us.

Lee Bauknight — University of South Carolina – Columbia

Giving students easy, affordable access to life-changing educational opportunities with ground-breaking delivery options…

Pearson Custom Solutions works with educators to create customized course materials designed to facilitate student success. Educators choose whether they want to deliver their customized course materials in print or media, online and or through mobile devices.


Watch the success story about our partnership with the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. The goal of this partnership is to conveniently and inexpensively provide students with the skills that they need through online courses to fill tens of thousands of job openings in the state of Louisiana.

Pearson Custom Publishing is a best kept secret. More academics should be involved in spreading the good news about it.

John Beyers — University of Maryland University College

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