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About Us

Discussing our strengths

About Us

Pearson Custom Solutions has more than 35 years of experience as a partner to educators and as a custom publishing industry leader. With the goal of promoting effective teaching, we work with educators to create course-specific materials that engage students and facilitate student success. As a division of Pearson Education, the global leader in educational publishing, we open the door to a wealth of content and technology and work with educators to select or create the precise resources to meet their course goals. Through this partnership, we enable educators to take control of their course content. Educators choose whether they want to deliver their customized course content in print or media, online and or through mobile devices. We partner with educators to design course materials proven to slice costs as they hone content, providing students with the best educational value for their dollar. In this way, Pearson Custom Solutions helps educators take control of the cost of their course materials to the student. See the success stories from schools across the U.S. and Canada. Customized course content is educationally valuable and the quality design, development and production we provide ensure that your students are also purchasing a valuable, long-lasting resource.

Pearson Custom delivers quality products. Each custom project is held to the highest standards in educational publishing. Our experienced staff includes full time design, development, permissions, and production departments. Local field editors help educators select or create materials that meet course goals as well as department, university and state standards. Customized course content can be tailor-made for an individual educator or for an entire school system. See our success story at Rio Salado College. Bringing educators just what they need, we deliver quality products produced with sustainable practices.

Custom publishing means better educational value, often with lower costs and less waste. When educators streamline course materials to mirror course goals, they take control of what their students purchase for class and how that content is delivered. Since students only buy the material actually used in class, they pay significantly less – a much better value than buying multiple books that they will only partly use. Some customized course content can be delivered electronically and some is printed by our sustainable-production printers. These are just some of the reasons why custom publishing is a better educational value than and a green alternative to traditional textbooks. Along with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Pearson Custom Solutions also has a strong commitment to education itself, so we partner with a non-profit to further this goal.

Education is the core of our business, so Pearson's partnership with the non-profit Jumpstart is a natural match. Jumpstart's mission is to promote kindergarten readiness by linking college students with at-risk preschoolers for one-to-one mentoring. For more information on student volunteer opportunities, visit the Students section of our website. Pearson donates books to Jumpstart and sponsors the Pearson Teaching Fellowship. Pearson Custom volunteers take part in story hours to increase awareness of the need for kindergarten readiness nationwide.