Custom solutions put educators in control.

How much control do educators have over student success? When you custom publish, you put yourself in the driver's seat. Custom publishing lets you design instructional and learning materials based on exactly what and how you want to teach. You can control how much the course materials cost, and whether you want to supplement your teaching with online or media solutions. Custom publishing delivers content that perfectly complements course curricula and assessment. Educators using these made-to-order learning materials report increased levels of student engagement and data indicates that custom solutions also facilitate student success.

Custom textbooks are affordable.

Most custom textbooks cost less than used textbooks. Custom publishing lets educators combine content and offer students significant cost savings by creating one book from several, using only the material covered in class. With custom publishing, educators create texts that are aligned with course goals to facilitate student success. Along with cost savings, another benefit to custom publishing is sustainability. Custom solutions use less paper, meaning fewer trees are used, and the condensed books take up less space and weigh less in your backpack. Educators can also work with us to create paperless Custom Media or Online Education solutions for their courses.

Custom solutions facilitate student success.

Custom publishing allows educators to take part in the process of creating their course materials, whether they write them from scratch themselves, or take the time to edit them by deciding upon selections, cases or readings. Custom solutions are aligned with course goals and designed to facilitate student success. Educators want students to use the materials they took the time to author, require the title in class, and test from it, all of which increases sell-through for booksellers. A custom product has a higher perceived value for the student as well, since they will use every page in the book. With custom publishing, students pay only for the content used in class, giving them the best educational value for their textbook dollar.